Grayton Beer 30A Rosé Gose

Grayton Beer 30A Rosé Gose

Inspired by the abundant salt from the water in our backyard and the colors of our vibrant sunsets, we present 30A Rosè. Organic hibiscus flowers paint the perfect shade of Rosè pink. Bright berry notes interplay with the unique salty and tart foundation. This beer allows you to take the beautiful Emerald Coast wherever you goes-uh.

Pairing: Traditionally, this style would have been enjoyed by the gallon with rich German pork and potato dishes. The acidity and citrus help to cut through these fatty dishes. These elements also offer a wonderful compliment to creamy deserts such as cheesecake or bread pudding.  

  • Style: Ale
  • Gravity: Low Gravity (6.2% and below by volume)
  • Available in: Can
  • What Kind of Party: Cook Out, Game Time, On The Water, Tail Gating, Upscale Event
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Type: Craft
  • Price: $$$

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