Ghost River Grind-N-Shine

Ghost River Grind-N-Shine

Grind-N-Shine is the result of when we take our crowd favorite Grindhouse Cream Ale and spike it with some cold-brewed coffee and a touch of vanilla. The final beer is a bit of a trick to your senses as you see the light color of Grindhouse, but are greeted with hints of coffee aroma and flavor along with a hint of vanilla to round out the flavor profile. This particular batch was brewed using French Truck Coffee's Colombian coffee beans to honor Colombia as the host nation for Memphis in May this year.

  • Style: Ale, Milk Stout
  • Gravity: Low Gravity (6.2% and below by volume)
  • Available in: Bottle, Can, Keg
  • What Kind of Party: Cook Out, Game Time, On The Water, Tail Gating, Upscale Event
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Type: Craft
  • Price: $$$

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