Grayton Beer Pale Ale

Grayton Beer Pale Ale

Classic American Pale Ale. Clean in Taste. Gold in Color. In the long history of brewing, Pale Ale holds a proud position. Various forms of the Pale Ale have emerged but in the late 20th Century, U.S. craft brewers seized the style as their own. This aromatic and complex beer boasts an array of citrus notes from American hops whose character is balanced by a slight malt sweetness and a dry finish that is guaranteed to make you want another.

  • Style: Ale, Pale Ale
  • Gravity: Low Gravity (6.2% and below by volume)
  • Available in: Bottle
  • What Kind of Party: Cook Out, Game Time, Upscale Event
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Type: Craft
  • Price: $$$

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